Somebody come here.


Come kiss me hard and mean it so much that you’ll leave bruises on my lips and inside my mouth because I’ve never been able to keep anyone’s names inside there, inside my gums. They just keep bleeding out into poems and scars and dreams when all I want to do is sleep, forget about all of those lips that haunt me like broken lullabies in the flesh of other people, leave my ghosts on their skin. I want someone to kiss me so hard that I’ll only remember the way they tasted for three days straight, kiss the poems out of my mouth, off of my tongue.


Kiss me here. Kiss me hard. Kiss me and mean it so much that I’ll forget about love for just a little bit, forget about the taste of ghosts and stars and dreams.

Somebody come here and kiss me until I’m silent, until I’m still, until you forget about the world for just a little bit too.

I promise it’ll be over soon.